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The Universal Formula


Successful Deterrence 


Charles D. Sutherland, Lt Colonel, USAF (retired)
32 Years of Service in the United States Air Force
B-52 Instructor Aircraft Commander with over 3700 flying hours
Nuclear/Conventional Bomber Expert
Technical Publication Author/Developer
Doctrine and Training Expert

MA, Military History, University of Alabama
BS, Education, Wayland Baptist University
AAS, Radio Communication Technology, CCAF

Copyright, 2007, by Charles Sutherland

All rights reserved. This book or any
part thereof must not be reproduced
in any form without permission of the
author. Printed in the United
States of America.

To world peace,
 so that my children
and grandchildren, and yours,
will live long and prosper.


Chapter 1: The Players
Chapter 2: The Protagonist's Mission
Chapter 3: The Antagonist's World
Chapter 4: Motivational Factors
Chapter 5: Contextual Factors
Chapter 6: Monitoring, Amalyzing, Modifying
Chapter 7: Cost of Failed Deterrence
Chapter 8: Summary
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